Wide viewing angle 4.3” WQVGA TFT display

The new 4.3” WQVGA TFT with extreme wide viewing angles from Data Image is now available. The multi-domain vertical alignment (MVA) technology offers normally black with very high contrast ratio and wide symmetric viewing angles. Therefore this technology offers a significant advantage comparing to standard TFT, based on twisted nematic (TN) liquid crystal materials. With its wide symmetric viewing angles of 80° in all 4 directions without image reversing, this display can be built-in in landscape and portrait direction.

Regarding the Interface, all the signals are routed through the 40 pole FPC connection. Also for the version with touch panel, only one connector is necessary. With 3.1mm thickness, the module is extremely slim, and can therefore also easily being integrated in little handheld solutions.

With a digital or analogue capacitive touch panel, the optical performances of the display are preserved and allow designing dynamic and user friendly applications. Comparing to the conventional resistive touch panels, the capacitive technology offers a protection against external mechanical impact, due to its glass surface. If a bigger robustness is required, a tempered glass panel can be added on the top, by optical gluing process.

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